We are a small motorcycle building, repairing, altering, selling and cool place to hang out kind of shop!

September 6, 2014Posted by Staud Cycles

25% on most brands of tires we order!

Fast turn around on parts orders, parts orders are usually delivered to Staud Cycles by 1-2 business days.

We instantly know when the part/s are in stock, no more wondering if its in stock like many online websites out there.

We will not warranty any parts that the customer brings in. Warranties only apply to parts we order.

July 17, 2011Posted by Staud Cycles

The Art of Vintage Motorcycle Maintenance

Back in the day motorcycle manufacturers did not follow industry standards like they do today. Most motorcycle parts were proprietary to the manufacturer. It is known that tolerances wildly varied from machine to machine, part to part. It is this very reason why folks that built motorcycles many years ago were called ‘fitters’.......